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About Counselling & How Counselling can help?

The first session provides an opportunity for us to meet and discuss in complete confidence any issue that is troubling you and for me to find out a little about you and what brings you to counselling and for you to decide how you wish to proceed.

I would describe myself as a humanistic Counsellor who uses various techniques to create the best care for your specific needs.
The work we do together will involve me helping you to identify what is useful to you as we go along and tailoring the work accordingly.

People come to counselling for many different reasons.
It provides an opportunity to talk in a confidential space outside the day-to-day environment to feel listened to in an nonjudgemental way.

The combined experience of being listened to and a gradual process of new insight into their difficulties provides clients to approach areas in a different way. Sometimes they have suffered a loss and need time to grieve and to make sense of how their lives have changed.

*Clients will often come to counselling because they are seeking change - seeking to change themselves or their situation.

*Counselling can be about making the time and effort to really understand ourselves and our choices better.

When we take a deeper look at our thoughts and feelings we can discover that our experience of life is shaped by more than just everyday opinions and reactions - it can be built on habits, assumptions and values that we do not really question, or perhaps even notice.

These habits may have developed to help us cope they have become part of who we are but now they may be in conflict with other aspects of ourselves or our beliefs.

Counselling can help to bring some of these background 'filters' and conflicts out into the open helping us feel more compassion for ourselves and to achieve greater control over the kind of person we want to be.

Different Types of Counselling:

There are several kinds of counselling each based on different ideas about how people work and what is most helpful.
You can read more about these on the BACP's 'Its Good to Talk' website here.

However, a lot of research shows that the different theories or 'models' in counselling are less important than the quality of the relationship between the client and the counsellor.

If a client trusts the counsellor and feels safe enough to be open with them, then space is created where they can work together to explore the client's experience and identify what help is needed.

In general, Counselling relates to shorter term work and Psychotherapy to longer more in-depth work.
In Counselling I may be helping you work through a difficult situation in your life and facilitating you with an objective perspective to find a way forward.

In Psychotherapy, I may be helping you explore issues that have been around for some time causing discomfort or conflict in your life and your relationships.

My aim is to help you find ways of coping at times of distress or by supporting you while you are exploring decisions or making changes in your life, to gradually enhance your life and to live it more fully.

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